Designed to Grow

Finished product on all 11 Blockchains and 25 Tokens
· First Product on Harmony ONE, MoonRiver, FANTOM, Arbitrum, and CoinEx Smart Chain, to make private an anonymous transactions.
· Staking Rewards in AVAX, ADA, & BNB so smash tokens can't be dumped.
· Miniscule Market Cap $100K
· Miniscule Fully Diluted Market Cap - $1 Million
· Competitor Market Cap with just 5 Blockchain - $700 Million Plus
· Fully Open Source
· Certik Audited Source Code·
· Decentralized Hosting - No one can shut down the platform
The benefit of holding SMASH is that it supports 11 separate blockchains and 25 tokens; WBTC, ETHER, BNB, USDT, Cardano ADA, XRP, DOT, USDC, AVAX, Harmony ONE, Arbitrum, HECO, DAI, MoonRiver MVR, MATIC, Fantom FTM, BTCB, WETH (Polygon), JOE (AVAX), BUSD on Harmony, BUSD on Binance chain, CAKE, MANA, TRUE USD and CET allowing our users to focus on several ventures, which provides flexibility and freedom in trading.