Why SmashCash

SmashCash allows you to maintain financial privacy, which is essential to preserving your freedom. SmashCash perfects transaction privacy by separating the on-chain link between recipient and destination addresses
Ø Anonymity:
The project along with its coin is completely decentralized and anonymity-focused that ensures that no single entity has major control over the network or its funds
Ø Blockchain Support:
SmashCash offers support for 11 different blockchains and 25 tokens including Ethereum, Binance, Avalanche, Fantom , MoonRiver, Harmony ONE, Arbitrum, xDAI, Polygon Matic, HECO and CoinEx Blockchain to facilitate its users relying on multiple projects.
Ø Fixed Contract:
SmashCash allows you to deposit a fixed amount of WBTC, ETHER, BNB, USDT, Cardano ADA, XRP, DOT, USDC, AVAX, Harmony ONE, Arbitrum, HECO, DAI, MoonRiver MVR, MATIC, Fantom FTM, BTCB, WETH (Polygon), JOE (AVAX), BUSD on Harmony, BUSD on Binance chain, CAKE, MANA, TRUE USD and CET. SmashCash Platform allows you to detach the primary link between the origin wallet and destination wallet using zk-SNARKS algorithm.
Ø Non-Custodial Platform
The currency is non-custodial which means that smart contracts as well as the funds aren't owned or ‘in custody’ by a third party or a platform at any point during the service period.
Ø Cryptographic
SmashCash uses zero knowledge proofs or zk-SNARKS to ensure privacy by requiring the user to provide a proof that they possess a secret that corresponds to one of the smart contracts.
Ø Staking Rewards Stake SMASH and earn rewards in SMASH tokens. To stake, you don’t need any particular hardware or device. You can do it directly from your phone or PC. Stake SMASH to passively make money from your tokens.